Anuradha Mathur &
Dilip da Cunha

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Anuradha Mathur & Dilip da Cunha are principles of the Philadelphia firm Mathur/da Cunha. Mathur received her Master of Landscape Architecture from the University of Pennsylvania, where she is an assistant professor. Da Cunha, who is currently teaching at Parsons School of Design, recieved a Master of Housing Degree from the School of Planning and Architecture, New Delhi, A Master of City Planning degree from M.I.T., and a Ph.D. from the University of California, Berkeley. They believe design "begins with an appreciation for landscape as a shifting, living, material phenomenon." They received an honorable mention for their proposal for the Oklahoma City Memorial "Plains Dust to Urban Dust" which links the tragedy of the 1930s dustbowl and the Oklahoma City bombing by "cultivating the disengaged grounds of the city" to create areas for gathering, remembering, and nurturing the soil around the surviving tree. Their project for the recent Governors Island competition, "Soil that New York Rejected and Re-collects," part of a current ravelling exhibition, was published in Landscape Journal. Other publications include the forthcoming Mississippi Floods: Designing a Shifting Landscape, documenting their study of the MIssissippi River. Illustrated here by silkscreened overlapping views of the river's history and topography, the project has been supported by grants from the Grant Foundation and the Research Foundation of the University of Pennsylvania.

Soil that New York Rejected, Governors Island, NY, 1999


Instruments and Horizons, Long Island, NY, 1999


Horizons: Mapping a Shifting Terrain , Mississippi


Mississippi Horizons: Mapping a Shifting Terrain, Mississippi